Choosing Curtain Materials For Your Window Needs

The Limitations of Windows

For many homes, the windows are the main entry point for ventilation and fresh air. However, as a result of weather elements or the existence of individuals on the street, it is not constantly beneficial to have a straightforward opening right into your house. Without window furnishings from a curtain supplier Singapore shop, a problem is thus created here as you would have to choose between having fresh air and sunlight or closing your windows so as to gain personal privacy and shelter.

Distilling the Blinding Sunlight

The first functional benefit supplied by curtains and blinds is their capacity to either shut out or decrease the quantity of sunshine entering your area. Depending upon the product chosen in addition to their systems, you would be able to pick how much sunshine would be entering your residence.

This would for example provide you just sufficient light to read or use your laptop computer without feeling the glare of point-blank sun rays. Alternatively, it can shut out all light from your room, enabling you to rest without intrusion.

Kinds of curtain textiles

The most usual types of curtain textile are cotton, silk, linen, polyester, velvet, acrylic, rayon, brocade, lace and voile.


Cotton is a versatile material utilized to achieve a variety of styles. It supplies a crisp, clean feel that suits standard or modern-day styles. As it can be a really light material, cotton curtains do require to be effectively lined so they attach and drop as preferred. If you’re aiming to obstruct sunlight in a bright space, select cotton with a taut mesh or have them well lined.


If silk doesn’t state ‘high-end’ nothing does. Be advised however, silk is ideally chosen for its aesthetic allure than functionality. Silk is a heavy-ish textile so it drapes well; it looks fabulously charming in bedrooms or formal dining rooms. But it’s not the most efficient.

Silk is dry-clean solely, and very prone to sun damages. If the space has a lot of natural light you may want to safeguard them by utilizing a roller blind underneath or a paler coloured panel for lining. You might opt for a silk-look polyester fabric for even more durability.


Linen is a natural fiber. Its billowy look produces an airy, informal, loosened up environment. If you like the appearance of curtains that accumulate on the floor, linen is a terrific selection to accomplish it. Linen will not block the sunlight, and like silk they’re dry-clean only.


This is a really typical choice. Polyester is resilient, affordable, easy to take care of, and does not really crease, stretch or shrink. Select polyester for room and living areas, but refrain from having it in the kitchen area as it’s combustible, doesn’t permit good air flow and absorbs smells.