Everything You Need to Know When I’m Gone A Simple Guide

Everything You Need to Know When I’m Gone A Simple Guide to Make My Passing Easier: I’m Dead Now What To Do: Record Book & Organizer Of The Details … Should Know When I Die; Preparing For Death

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No one likes to think about death. But planning ahead and being prepared makes a big difference to those you leave behind.

One simple step you can take is to create a record of your personal and financial details. This will help your family or friends trace the important information they’ll need when you die. It will also be useful for anyone who looks after your financial affairs while you’re alive.We’ve created this booklet for you so you have an easy place to write everything down.

  • My important documents
  • Funeral wishes
  • My financial details
  • Useful contacts
  • Digital accounts
  • Arrangements for pets

You don’t have to fill it out – it’s up to you whether you use it or not
You can pick and choose which sections you want to complete
Find a safe place to keep it, such as with your will, and let your family or close friends know about it
Your details will change over time so think about updating it once a year or when your circumstances change

If you choose to complete this document, it is really important that you keep it in a secure place at all times as it will contain sensitive and confidential information. A secure place may be a safe, a locked fling cabinet or at your solicitor’s office. Please do not leave it in an unsecure location.Note: This journal or workbook is not meant as a legal document and does not replace a valid will.